Business news reinvented

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Serves you your business news

One app

Hear Hear keeps you in sync with all activities of your business relations. It tracks all companies related to you business.

No setup

Just download the app and let the magic happen. No configuration, no settings. It learns as you go.

Follows you

Download the app, and start consuming all news of your business network. Hear Hear follows your interactions with your network. Your actions determine the relevance for Hear Hear.

Hear Hear

Why you want to listen
Hear Hear tracks your business.

Every step your customer, partners, competitors or suppliers make can mean new business opportunities for you. So you try to keep in sync with all their activities. But you want to hear the news when it is happening. Not discover it a week later. We serve you the information you need on a daily base and right before every event.

  • Your news

    Only information relevant for your business

  • Daily easy

    The hear hear app lets you consume new quick and easy

  • Hear Hear listens to you

    Hear hear adjusts its news collection to what you read

  • No setup

    Hear hear requires no configuration and works off the shelve

Hear Hear is founded by

Still in stealth, real names and and faces will be added.
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Chief of “how”
E.B. Describes him as follows: This Hungarian coding wizard is the brain behind all technology of the app. Delivering great architecture and elegant code, and a massive sense of humor. He has been accused of hiding a second coder under his shirt.
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Chief of “what”
T.S. descibes him as follows: An endless source of ideas. An inventor. A playboy. A millionaire. No, the last two only applies for Tony Stark. This man is the greatest PO I ever had. His honesty and creativity inspires people around him. And last but not least: he is the main user of the ‘F’ word.

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